Atomizzatore disinfettante covid-19


Micronizing atomizer, dry fogger for disinfectant and hygienizing solutions

Microvid is an atomization device for the application of disinfectant and hygienizing solutions through the production of a dry mist to saturation of the environment. It is used to spread liquid particles in the air, reducing them to a size of a few microns. In this way they can fluctuate in the air for a long time, maximizing the effectiveness of the product.
It is made to be operated indoors and is suitable for environments such as vehicle interiors, up to home and office rooms, dressing rooms.
It works by air pressure, therefore it needs an air compressor to feed it. The liquid is drawn from the tank by a venturi effect, therefore there is no pressurization of the reservoir.

Technical characteristics:
Cubage: it is able to saturate about 2 cubic meters/min.
Liquid consumption: about 20ml per minute (1 L/h)
Reservoir capacity: 5 L    
Drops atomization: about 5-15 microns according to the air pressure feeded
Working pressure range: from 3 to 10 bar max (averagely 5-6 bar). 
Precipitation speed of the drops: about 1 mt within 45min-1hour
Minimum requirements for the air compressor: 1,5HP motor with 24L reservoir (in this case the compressor works continuosly, stabilizing its operating pressure to about 5 bar). 

Way of use:
Open the reservoir cap, unscrewing it and paying attention when removing the dip tube with the filter.
Gently place the atomization assembly including the filter on a clean surface.
Fill the tank with liquid. Screw the cap back on by inserting the dip tube first.
Prepare the interior or room with closed doors, windows and any sunroof.
Place the atomizer on the passenger side mat / in the middle of the room, with the diffuser facing upwards, trying to direct the jet in order to maximize its diffusion. Helping with ventilation allows a more uniform diffusion of the particles, therefore it is recommended to turn on the air conditioning system in closed recirculation mode. This will also sanitize the air conditioning ducts and components. 
Connect the air pressure supply tube and open the tap. 
Immediately exit the room and close the door. In vehicles, after positioning the MICROVID, approach the door without closing it completely. Make sure not to crush the air supply pipe and allow correct flow, then open the tap

Recommended operating times for the application of disinfectants and hygienizers:
1)    Vehicle’s interior: small (2 seats only) minimum 3 minutes. Large (SUV/minivan) minimum 7 minutes.
2)    Home, office, dressing rooms, etc: 20 square meters, minimum 25 minutes
After this time, you can turn off the atomizer and let the disinfection process act: vehicles at least 5-10 minutes, environments at least 20-30 minutes (ideal 2-3 hours, before entering).
Finally open windows, doors and ventilate for a few minutes before staying.
  Suitable for cars and light vehicles
  Suitable for trucks and heavy vehicles cleaning
  Suitable for nautical cleaning
  Suitable for trains cleaning
  Suitable for earth moving vehicles cleaning
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