Jumbo alcantara microfiber cloth, with a thickness of 0,8 mm. Excellent absorbency, softness and sheeting on the surfaces.
Natural chamois leather, for car cleaning
Jumbo size Amaretta microfiber cloth, with a thickness of 0,3 mm
Microfibre cloth, jumbo size, ultra thin thickness (45 microns)
Special microfiber with polyurethane, it works on all the internal surfaces of the vehicles, cleaning perfectly
Synthetic microfiber cloth, dark grey colour, ideal for drying the vehicle
Jumbo size microfiber cloth, ideal for cleaning windows and mirrors without halos. Thickness of 0,3 mm.
Microfiber cloth with extra fine texture, designed for daily cleaning of glass surfaces, mirrors, windows, smear free.
Ultra adsorbing synthetic leather for manual drying of cars, windows, etc