Clean Inside Advance Kit will allow you to get a well cleaned, protected and perfumed car interior, quickly and effortlessly - even if neglected for a long time!!
Multi-purpose cleaner and degreaser. It removes oils, grease also burnt, dirt and the most stubborn stains
Special microfiber with polyurethane, it works on all the internal surfaces of the vehicles, cleaning perfectly
Jumbo size microfiber cloth, ideal for cleaning windows and mirrors without halos. Thickness of 0,3 mm.
Silky, strong absorbing and streakless drying glass surfaces, mirrors, windows, smear free
Vortex cleaning gun for a deep cleaning of the car interiors
Complete service kit for vortex cleaning gun
Stain remover for plastic, fabric and leather car interiors, deeply removes stains and bed smells
Instant cleaner for vehicles' interiors, perfumed
Multipurpose and glass cleaner, brilliant finish, pleasantly perfumed
glass cleaner spray, high foaming, perfumed