Degreasing detergent for intensive cleaning of trucks, trains, chassis, engines, agricultural and earth moving vehicles, caterpillars, special vehicles for animals transportation, hard surfaces, places where an effective anti-bacteria action is demanded.
      Multi purpose concentrated degreaser, perfumed. Ideal for cleaning of all hard surfaces
      Concentrated alkaline degreaser for engines and parts cleaning, characterized by a very effective emulsifying power of greasy dirt
      Concentrated micro emulsion, fast degreasing action, low odor, non toxic. Ideal product for cleaning and degreasing small mechanical parts, metal sheets, oil tanks
      Degreasing microemulsion, designed for cleaning of mechanical parts and surfaces. Ideal replacement of traditional solvent based products, VOC Free
      Super concentrated alkaline degreaser, characterized by a deep and fast action
      Ultra strong alkaline degreaser with a high concentration of sodium salts. Extremely energic action breaking through even a thick layer of grease and grime
      Concentrated degreasing detergent, alkaline, easily removes static grime, heavy oil and greasy dirt, glue and adhesives etc
      Concentrated detergent, acid base, for cleaning and degreasing stainless steel and aluminium alloy surfaces
      Multi purpose cleaner and degreaser. It removes oils, grease also burnt, dirt and the most stubborn stains
      Super concentrated alkaline degreaser, perfumed, for intensive cleaning, very effective removing tough greasy dirt
      Super concentrated strong alkaline detergent antistatic effect
      Multi purpose degreaser, perfumed, respects aluminium alloys
      Multi purpose concentrated degreaser, perfumed.
      Special detergent for cleaning radiators made of brass, copper and aluminium, typical from the vehicles and industrial applications. Ideal to unclog the water tubes from limestone incrustations and glycol crystals