Double action trigger, sprays on both the "in" and the "out" to create a constant spray with minimal effort
Hydrobrush, PVC made, long lasting, suitable for alkaline detergents
Chamois & Towel Wringer
Atomizer for liquid detergents
Professional sprayer for liquid detergents, multipurpose
Sprayer for acid detergents
Polyethilene trigger sprayer
Portable dilution system for liquid detergents, easy to use
Universal handle for low pressure sprayers
Spray gun for low pressure sprayers
Foam gun applicable to high pressure power wash machines
Pistol for high pressure sprayer and foam gun
Automatic dosing device for detergents
Vortex cleaning gun for a deep cleaning of the car interiors
Complete service kit for vortex cleaning gun
Plastic tap for 5, 10 and 25 L cans
Metal rod for hydrobrush