Degreasing detergent for intensive cleaning of trucks, trains, chassis, engines, agricultural and earth moving vehicles, caterpillars, special vehicles for animals transportation, hard surfaces, places where an effective anti-bacteria action is demanded.
Hygienizing detergent for tiled surfaces and toilets, perfumed, recommended to clean and disinfect public toilets and ambients, factories, etc
Concentrated micro emulsion, fast degreasing action, low odor, non toxic. Ideal product for cleaning and degreasing small mechanical parts, metal sheets, oil tanks
Special detergent for removing vinyl glue even dried. Ideal to clean the inside of carriers tanks used to transport and stock those materials.
Strong alkaline detergent, with brilliant effect
Multi-purpose hygienizing detergent, concentrated, perfumed
Special detergent to quickly remove tar, resins, glue, stickers from the paint and windows of the cars
Degreasing emulsion, characterized by a low odor, specially formulated for cleaning steel plates, fuel tanks, burners and boilers dirty of greasy black-fumes
Silicone defoamer in water emulsion. Ideal to reduce the foaming effect of detergents