Unlocking-lubricating product , highly penetrant, formulated with selected raw materials
Spray lubricant, 5 functions: unlocking, lubricant, anti saltiness, waterproof, deoxidizer. Special solvents, additives, high temperature lubricants, silicones are contained.
Spray grease, slightly silky, for general lubrication. Does not slip away even from vertical surfaces, thanks to its special lubricating and adhesive properties
Vaseline clear spray grease, for general lubrication
High-performance motorcycle chain grease for lubricating all types of chains, including O-ring, X-ring and Z-ring chains.
Specific product for renewing all the surfaces in the engine bay, metals, plastic and rubber parts
Brake cleaner spray, very effective degreaser, quick drying, allows to easily and safely clean brake parts and clutches
Dry deoxider for electronic contacts, suitable for electric and electronic equipment, computers, relays, contacts, printed circuits, switchboards, semi-conductors
Spray product for helping the engines cold-start
fast drying professional zinc, over 98% pure, micronised, lamellar, zinc-based and mixed with lamellar aluminium powder
Hygienizer for vehicles insides, caravan, camper and small ambients
Multi-purpose disinfectant spray with high bactericidal power, for air conditioning systems of cars and premises