quick hygienizer and cleaner, suitable for all surfaces, even the most sensitive, with active oxygen. Ready to use, scented

Hygienvap it is a ready-to-use formulation that suits to multiple applications: from the community field to the vehicles. It can be used with a sprayer and absorbent paper; it can be sprayed into an environment through an aerosol diffuser; it can also be sprayed and left to dry, as it dries quickly and leaves no traces.
Ideal for example for daily cleaning and sanitizing of worktops, desks, armchairs, sofas (even leather), plastics, hard surfaces, objects, door handles, shopping trolleys, parcels and packages that travel by couriers, machinery, petrol pumps and self keyboards, various keyboards for lifts, POS equipment, telephones, tablets, computers, various tools, etc.
In vehicles, it is ideal for the daily cleaning and hygienizing of the  interiors, including sensitive surfaces such as leather, alcantara, plastic, plexiglass, glass, fabrics, upholstery, seats, handles, steering wheel, gear knob.
For a complete hygienizing effect, it is recommended to apply it with a fogger producing "dry" mist. In this case, by turning on the air conditioning to the maximum ventilation in closed recirculation mode, the treatment can also be extended in the air ducts as well as speeding up the treatment, because ventilation amplifies the diffusion of the product throughout the interior.
The product contains: Detergent, Ethanol, Hydrogen Peroxyde and the active ingredient: N- (3-aminopropil) -N-dodecilpropan-1,3-diamine (compliant with UNI EN 14348, EN 1276, EN 14476).

Way of use: The product is ready for use, no need for further dilution. It cleans instantly, acts as a hygienizer in a few minutes.
Manual cleaning: Fill a manual sprayer with the product and spray on the part to be treated. Wipe with paper towels. To sanitize, wait a few minutes before going with the paper.
Atomizer/fogger: pour the product as it is into the device tank and activate the treatment. The product is compatible with aerosol equipment and cold operated atomizers/ foggers. Isolate the environment / vehicle during treatment and wait at least few minutes for the product's action, before to ventilate the room. For environments ideal is to let the mist falling down completely before entering the room (at least 1 hour, according to the mist atomization). It is also recommended to turn on the air conditioning to the maximum ventilation and closed air recirculation, for faster and more complete diffusion.
Hygienizing waterproof objects without rubbing or absorbing: Possibly use a pressure nebulizer able to pulverize the product very fine. This is recommended to get a uniform application to the surfaces, without wetting too much. A vortex pistol (such as for example Tornador) could be a solution. The product has a rapid action and drying.
  Suitable for cars and light vehicles
  Suitable for house cleaning
  Suitable for trucks and heavy vehicles cleaning
  Suitable for forklift cleaning
  Suitable for industrial cleaning
  Suitable for nautical cleaning
  Suitable for trains cleaning
  Suitable for earth moving vehicles cleaning
  Use is possible with a trigger
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