Bugs remover, perfumed, quick action
Highly concentrated foaming shampoo, brilliant finish, high viscosity, perfumed, active cleaning
Perfumed detergent for the finishing cleaning. Applicable to all vehicles after wash and drying, it is ideal even to remove the dust from cars exposed to dealers shops
Concentrated degreaser for motorbikes and scooters
Cleaning cream with nano tech polishing agent
Perfumed liquid wax, nano tech polishing, rinse aid effect, recommended for the final rinse of the vehicle after accurate wash
Special detergent, chemically engineered for a safe but effective cleaning of motorbikes, scooters and bicycles
Shampoo & wax, super concentrated, it provides uniform water sheeting effect after rinse and silky feel to the paint
Microfibre cloth, jumbo size, ultra thin thickness (45 microns)
Bugs Remover