Dissolves, removes, releases, lubricates, renewes and protects
Propilenic Antifreeze Fluid safe for food contact
Dry deoxider for electronic contacts, suitable for electric and electronic equipment, computers, relays, contacts, printed circuits, switchboards, semi-conductors
Spray grease, slightly silky, for general lubrication. Does not slip away even from vertical surfaces, thanks to its special lubricating and adhesive properties
Vaseline clear spray grease, for general lubrication of car’s body parts, hinges, joints, sheaths, cords, locks; adhesive, does not slip away from surfaces. Suitable for the food industry, non-staining, does not dry.
Vaseline clear spray grease, for general lubrication
Unlocking-lubricating product , highly penetrant, formulated with selected raw materials
Spray lubricant, 5 functions: unlocking, lubricant, anti saltiness, waterproof, deoxidizer. Special solvents, additives, high temperature lubricants, silicones are contained.